Be You and Be Beautiful

So truth is, everyone worries about what others will say or do when we decide to do something new. We get nervous they’re going to make fun of us, talk about us to other people, or even verbally shut us down. 

Well here, you don’t have to worry about that at all.

I want this to be your inspiration. I want you to see all that I do here and take the next step toward your dream. I hope that here, you understand how important it is to just be yourself. I hope that here, you message me to talk about your dreams. I’d love to chat; oh boy am I a talker. I want you to know that I am always here.

I used to (and still do at times) obsess over how my makeup is done, how my outfit looks, and if I can pull off the latest abstract trend. Since I started my sophomore year, that changed. I became more carefree and happier about my appearance. Listen, you are living this life for YOU. Not for her or him or them or anyone else. Your opinion is all that matters at the end of the day. Because for every hateful, mean comment you receive? There’s usually 10 positive, uplifting comments coming, sometimes even from people you wouldn’t expect.

When I started to post about my love for beauty, I was afraid of how it would turn out. Let me tell you something: it was worth the risk. And to all of you who have followed, liked, shared, and supported me thus far: thank you. You have really helped me get through the ups and downs of this whole process.

You would tell your friend to do something that she loved no matter what, right? So why not follow that advice? If you want to start a blog or a YouTube channel, do it. Don’t second guess yourself, just do it. Even if you just make the account and never use it, that’s still going for what you want.

You are beautiful, intelligent, and you can light up a room. Don’t listen to the people who want to knock you down, maybe they’re jealous you’re actually doing something you love and that you’re happy about it.

xx – Em ♥

p.s. here’s a silly picture of me with my little cousin and my pride and joy: Bubbies. Enjoy!


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