Daily Dose

Today’s Thoughts

So this is for my days when I feel that I can’t focus on anything. Really, this is pretty much for me to put all of my thoughts in one place for the day. And I’m posting it here to see if anyone thinks like I do, or maybe you just get enjoyment out of my struggles.

Basically: welcome to my venting series.

For today’s thoughts:

  • Why do people stop in the middle of a hallway or sidewalk when there are other people behind them?
  • Why can’t people let other people do things that make them happy?
  • Whyyyy do I get so wired at 8 PM and then don’t fall asleep until 4 AM?
  • When can I wear spring clothes and sunglasses and look at flowers and take pretty pictures?
  • Why don’t I have any money for all of the makeup I want?

That’s all for now, feel free to comment what your thoughts are or responses to my questions!

xx – Em ♥


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