How To:

Get Started (my tips)

So that’s the first thing right? Knowing what you want and going for it?

The next step is making that account. Create an Instagram account, YouTube channel, or a blog. Think of your name and set up, then go for it! Plan ahead of posts or videos, posting frequently and on a schedule is much better than random posts when you feel like it. Take pictures, film videos, and write away.
Be confident with every post. You should be doing this for you. You are beautiful, bright, and important. Write about your interests and what excites you. Make a list of the topics you want to talk about. Be personable, interacting on social medias should be about bonding, collaborating, and helping others.

After you make your first post, KEEP GOING. It’s really important to post a lot when you first start. You want to build your name up as much as you can, so make sure you frequently update with something new! Set a schedule, such as “I’m going to post every Monday, Wednesday, Friday” or “I’ll post this Tuesday and Thursday”. Even make a calendar to keep you on track. Do your best to stick to that calendar for awhile to help you get used to it.

Start with whatever you have, whether it’s an iPhone/Android or a small old camera. As you get more confident, you can use a nicer camera or purchase different types of lighting. As shown here, this was one of my first posts and it was taken on my iPhone 6 in a poorly lit room. I got a Canon Rebel T5i for Christmas, and now I take photos with that. Higher quality pictures appeal to the eyes more so than average-to-low quality. However, don’t go too big too fast. You can start with whatever you have and grow in time.

Get ready for constant comments or critiques, and don’t take them to heart. People always have something to say, so don’t let it get to you.

Stay positive, stay confident, and most importantly: be you.

xx – Em ♥


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