Who doesn’t love to travel? You get to see new places, meet new people, and make new memories. The only downside? Packing. I’m sure some people like packing, but that stresses me out. I’m not one to make lists for packing, but I decided to make one for you if you ever need it. (Oh, and BTW this is a makeup travel list, not clothes.)

First, you need your starters. This includes your “meh” level skincare products, moisturizer, and primer. I say “meh” level for this list because sometimes people don’t like to bring their holy grails in case they lose them or want to save them for a bigger event or something. I bring whatever fits, so if that means leaving my foundation behind, then my second runner up it is.

That brings me to the next few steps: foundation, concealer, and powder (if you choose). Depending on how much you crease, you can pick and choose to bring powder. I recommend it just because you never know what’s in store for your trip. Plus, I crease a lot under my eyes so I need it.

For your eyes: eyeliner, mascara, and a mini eyeshadow palette. Another trick I learned was to use your bronzer/contour shades on your eyes instead of eye shadow for a softer, more naturally defining look. A travel mascara and/or eyeliner are always helpful, too.

The next few are pretty much left to your choice. I would suggest bringing the following if you have travel sizes of them: bronzer, blush, and highlighter. Not only will these three give you different looks every day, but they’re very versatile.

Obviously, you need brushes, a beauty blender (if you have one), and a bag to carry all of this in. I included my favorite bag above!

I also showed some of my favorites above. Of course, you can change this to meet your needs. I love makeup so I almost always overpack. Well actually, I overpack for everything but you get the gist. Hope this helps!

xx – Em ♥

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