Pacifica Beauty

What I find one of the most exciting about the different aspects of makeup is the introduction to a brand you were completely unaware of. We’re used to the big brands like Urban Decay, M.A.C., Maybelline New York, etc. But let’s step away from those for a second.

Sure, it’s scary straying away from what you know works well for you and how different products look on your skin. You trust what you know, and hesitate with what you don’t. Trust me as a makeup fanatic: you NEED to try this brand.

That brand is Pacifica Beauty. While most of us raise an eyebrow to the name, Pacifica Beauty is actually known as one of the most innovative, creative natural beauty brand. Being 100% vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free, the company provides products that are high-performing, full of safe ingredients, and shipped in recyclable packaging.

Here’s the answer to some of the questions that are popping into your head:

  1. What do they have and where can I find their products? A full line consisting of various cosmetic and skin care products, perfumes, candles, and nail polish. You can find their products on their website:, at Ulta and Target, and through other participating retailers.
  1. Okay…but I don’t want to spend too much money… No problem! Pacifica is very budget friendly. Prices of their products range all the way from $5.00 to $69.00 (including pricing for gift sets). It’s great for that “ballin’ on a budget” college lifestyle.
  1. Does it work or will it just sit in the bottom of my makeup bag? Pacifica has a number of products have won different awards for being long-lasting, refreshing and moisturizing, smudge proof, and much more.

Listen, guys, I wouldn’t steer you wrong. This stuff is amazing. Yeah, you’re nervous to waste your money, but didn’t you have the same worries purchasing products from every brand you love for the first time?

xx – Em ♥


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