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Change is Good

When I want to change my nail color or wallpapers, that’s when I know I need to change something. I like to describe myself as half of Kate and half of Gracie. If you don’t know them: they’re my best friends. Kate wears a lot of bright, bold stuff and Gracie wears darker, more casual stuff. Both of them are absolutely beautiful. Here are pictures of them below 🙂


So basically, sometimes I want to live in leggings, a t-shirt, black nails, a flannel, and some converse. But sometimes, I want everything to be pink and bright (including my nails) and I want to wear blazers with jeans and heels. This is how I’ve been feeling recently, so I decided to change. I love both sides, and often lean more towards one or the other.

Spring is beautiful. Everything is bright, flowers are blooming, and I want everything to be pastel, bright, and floral. As the days get warmer and the sun starts to come out more, I’ve felt the need to immediately change my entire wardrobe. Change is good. It starts a new chapter in your life. I’m sure you’ve seen this before through movies or friends, but a lot of people change something after a big event, a breakup, or new beginning.

Think about it: don’t you love walking through Target’s aisles, seeing all of the new home or clothing items in the store? I love looking through the different home sections. Every time I go back, it’s like I plan how my room would look if I bought that piece. Plus, watching online YouTubers who look absolutely perfect makes you wanna change, too. See it like this: after a hard breakup in high school, I decided to chop off my hair. It was just refreshing. It was liberating.

So the message through all of this is: change can be scary, but change is good. If you’re feeling down about something, try changing something around you. Do what makes you happy. Whatever you are, be a good one 🙂

xx – Em ♥


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