High-End Must-Haves

As a college student, I totally get the whole “dude, I literally have no money” ordeal. We want to buy the cheapest options to anything, while every once in a while we decide to treat ourselves to something a bit out of our budget. #treatyoself

When it comes to high-end vs. drugstore makeup, there are too many roads to go down. If you’re like me, then you started your makeup collection with a lot of drugstore products. You don’t want to spend too much money on something you don’t know if you’ll even like. When I bought my first high-end product, Benefit Hoola Bronzer, I was hooked. That’s when I really started looking around and researching the best and worst of the makeup world. So this post is for you. I’m taking my experiences with buying high-end products and using them to tell you what’s actually worth it.

Tarte: Shape Tape Concealer, Matte/Glossy Lip Paints, Pro Palette, Hybrid Gel Foundation

With Tarte products, you really can’t go wrong. I love Tarte so much, as you may have seen through my previous posts. These four products listed above are definitely worth the price. I basically live in Tarte products right now.

Too Faced: Better than Sex Mascara, Born this Way Foundation

Out of all of the Too Faced products, these two were the only ones that really stuck out to me. The mascara and foundation are talked about everywhere from blogs to YouTube. The quality of these products is amazing. Although I have changed my foundation, it’s still a great one to try. Also, I will never use another mascara besides this one so I hope that emphasizes the importance.

Kat Von D: Tattoo Ink Liner, Shade and Light Palette, Translucent Powder

Okay, so this eyeliner is my absolute go-to. There’s not much to say about it other than it’s amazing and I haven’t found anything better, yet. Sometimes it does dry up, so you’ll probably go through a couple throughout the year. The last two products I haven’t tried myself, but I know people who have both and love the quality. I’ve heard that the translucent powder is a close runner up for the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder, which is another high-end must-have. The Shade and Light Palette has two shades (a very light shade and a banana shade) that are perfect for setting under eyes, too.

Benefit: Any of the New Brow Products, Hoola Bronzer

Any of the brow products that have recently been launched by Benefit are amazing. They have a product for every type of eyebrow shade, and the range of options is great for different preferences some people have when doing their prows. For me, I like Gimme Brow. I mentioned it before and I’ll talk about it again. This bronzer is an oldie but a goodie. I’ve been using this product for awhile now, and I don’t see another runner up quite yet.

Urban Decay: All Nighter Setting Spray, NAKED Skin Concealers

These two were the only products from Urban Decay that I have found and continued to like since purchasing them. I have the Naked 3 Palette, which I like, but it’s not my favorite eyeshadow palette. The concealer was my go-to before I met the Tarte Shape Tape. The NAKED concealer line is amazing, and it also contains a few color correcting concealers. The setting spray is a holy grail. Your makeup will not move through anything, literally anything (long nights out, all day make up, getting frisky, anything guys).

Lastly, I was going to talk about the Beauty Blender, but there are so many dupes that have been released. Ulta Beauty, Tarte, Real Techniques, and many other brands have released beauty sponges that work wonders for their prices. However, I really do love my beauty blender. It’s longer lasting and, in my opinion, the beauty blender blends out everything flawlessly.

Let me know what your favorite products are, and your opinions on the products I mentioned!

xx – Em ♥


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