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Ipsy Bag Review!

Hi there! Every month, I receive an Ipsy bag filled with samples of different products. This month, I was very happy with what I got (like usual). There’s a picture of everything at the top of this, and I’ll make sure to put the brands so you can look for it! If you don’t have Ipsy, you should definitely look into it! Do that here.

  1. NYX Professional Makeup: Butter Lipstick in Ripe Berry
  2. IBY Beauty: Highlighter in Bubbly
  3. Elizabeth Mott: Whatup Beaches Matte Bronzer
  4. BeFine Food Skin Care: Gentle Face Cleanser
  5. Luxie Beauty: Luxie Rose Gold Blush Brush 514

Everyone hears about the new NYX lipstick lines are amazing. I was happy to get this one because it was the last line I had to try. This is amazing. It’s so creamy and very pigmented, and it gives you a bold, red lip that adds a pop to any look.

I, personally, have never heard of IBY Beauty before. I was really impressed with their highlighter. The color is beautiful, it’s very pigmented, and it’s buildable. You can have a soft glow, or add a few layers to have a more intense highlight.

I’ve also never heard of Elizabeth Mott before, but as with the highlighter, I was very impressed. The bronzer is a perfect mix between a contour shade and the bronzer shade. I tried to use this for contouring and it was great, I just wish I had a bigger size to really test it out.

BeFine Food Skin Care is another new brand for me. My skin is really weird. I usually have clear, soft skin, but recently I’ve had dry patches on my face. Using this has helped clear the patches and really moisturize my face.

Okay, this Luxie brush is amazing. It applies blush, highlighter, and bronzer beautifully. I mean just look at it, the rose gold is gorgeous. I definitely want to get more Luxie brushes soon.

Comment below if you get Ipsy and had thoughts on the products! Until next month, thanks for reading 🙂

xx – Em ♥



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