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BareMinerals Palette

Hello there beautiful beings. I recently received this in the mail yesterday from my amazing and super thoughtful mom. It’s the BareMinerals Thank you, You’re so Sweet 8 Piece Eye Shadow Palette. If you follow me on Instagram, then you might have seen the unboxing. If not, you’ll see the picture below!


The box comes with 8 shimmery BareMineral eyeshadows. They’re very pigmented and look great on! The colors in the box really match with the entire theme, which is SO cute. From the minute I opened the box, I immediately fell in love. The box, theme, and colors are adorable and for how much product you get out of each pot, you can’t beat it. For an $88 value, this set is only $36 at Ulta Stores. I swatched a few of my favorites below!


Yeah, I tried that thing where you put tape down to swatch these perfect lines but clearly, they’re not even at all so oh well. Anyways, these 4 are my favorite of the 8. As you can see, these colors are beautifully pigmented and shimmery. They look amazing on the eyes, which I’ll show you in a new look coming soon (hopefully soon lol).

I definitely recommend looking into buying this set. It’s definitely worth the money, especially since it’s at a lower value than what it would be to buy these colors individually.

Let me know if you try it/already have it, and tell me what you think!

xx – Em ♥


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