Look Book

Emma Watson ?

A lot of people meet tell me I look similar to Emma Watson. I never saw it at all, but I tried anyways? Haha I feel like this sounds more like, i don’t know lol not how I want it to sound. So I’m sorry if it bothers you or offends you in some way. (? I’m awkward)

Anyways, I did this look based off of a look Emma Watson once wore for an interview. Critique as you please, but I was happy about it. My lip is a bit more pink because my lighting and really because I couldn’t find my lipstick that matched hers.


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Woohooo I tried! Obviously my lighting was soooo painfully different than hers but ya have to work with what ya have. This was super simple to do, I think the hair was the hardest part actually.

I’m going to post the details and a closer look in another post because then this will be wayyyy to long to tolerate. I hope you liked it, and feel free to comment or critique as you wish 🙂

xx – Em ♥


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