Hello beauties,

I’m Emily! I have an obsession with beauty and style, and I love talking with other people who also have those obsessions even more. I’m a student, a sister, a best friend, a daughter, and a girlfriend, just like most of you. My hobbies include multi-tasking, moving around the room in a spinny chair to get things I need, but most importantly, I collect makeup.

I seem to ALWAYS end up online looking through different brand sites, Instagrams, and YouTube Channels. I was always inspired by how they shared their love for beauty and style and really put it out there to share with anyone and everyone. I really started thinking about taking my chance after watching Zoella’s videos. I became in love with the thought of doing what she does every day. After ignoring all of the anxiety, I finally did it.

After ignoring all of the anxiety, I finally did it. I started emxclairee on Instagram. Since I started, I have gained 182 followers. Although this doesn’t seem like much, I am amazed that many people wanna see what I do. And it slowly grows more and more every day.

I hope with my blog, I can inspire others like me to fulfill their dream. I want to encourage everyone to go for what they want, even if they’re scared. It’s worth it to take the risks. Would you rather say “remember when?” or “what if?”?

Head on over to my contact page if you wanna chat ♥

xx – Em ♥