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Contouring Lips?

Yepp, you read that right. Contouring became big over the past year, and everyone seems to be talking about it. Mostly, when people hear contouring they think of making their face appear naturally thinner. You either use the “3” method with highlighting and contouring or maybe you have your own routine. But what a lot of people forget is: you can make your lips appear naturally fuller!

Trust me, I don’t do this every day. I don’t want you to get the idea that I take time every single day to do this, because who has time for that. This is just for when I’m feeling myself or a bigger event and more intense makeup looks.

I’m no beauty guru so I could be totally wrong. This just works for me and it’s simple enough that anyone should be able to do it. So keep on reading if you wanna see how I do this then keep on reading! 🙂


So as you see here, this focuses mainly the underside of your lower lip and the area around your cupids bow. When I start, I blend in a lighter bronzer or contour shade in the middle of cupids bow. I’m bad at describing this, I mean that little dip you have that connects the tip or your lips to your nose? Yeah, that. After blending that in, I use a highlight shade to highlight the top part of my upper lip. Moving onto the lower lip, which I think really makes a difference. Grabbing that shade you used above on a small smudge brush, lightly line the bottom half of your lower lash (better shown above). After blending everything is as you like it, apply lip liner and a lipstick and you’re good to go!

Feel free to chat with me in the comments or my contact page and share this with anyone you’d like! 🙂

xx – Em ♥